Great Online Business Ideas For Success!


Having some great online business ideas should be a part of your business strategy, wither you are looking to start up a brand new business venture or branching out an existing one.I am here to share some of my personal online business endeavors and share with you why they have either succeeded or failed at and reasons why.

If you happen to be an existing businesses looking to seek out an online presence for the first time, then CONGRATS! You are on the right track! No matter what type of business you run, online business presence is a must and to make money online is very much a reality!

The most common business idea that comes to mind would involve the obvious, opening an online store by selling services or products. Sounds simple enough but here is why 98% of these businesses fail

Other web business ideas would be creating high traffic blogging sites, directory sites, local or national classified sites, or providing online services such as web design or programming, or writing services and some being marketing focused affiliate sites. There are numerous ways of making money online. However the misconception of making money online is that it is easy or it’s some urban myth. I’m here to tell you it’s neither of these.

Making money online is very much possible! I see it every day. However, it’s not easy by any means. If you have the time, effort, passion and drive you can make it happen. You can make it happen…how do I know this because I’m doing it now!

The one way I’ve struggled is from Google ads. Most people including me would say it is a joke. Getting pennies per click how could anyone make a real money let along an actual income this way. I’ve come across websites to claim making 6 figures off their site because of Google ads placement on their sites. Sounds all too good to be true and it is, if you fall under the people that believe it’s as simple as placing a few ads on any given site and bam you’re rolling in money.
I have dozens of sites. I’m here to tell you not a single one works that way without some true effort and a LOT of WORK and a lot of know how. Guess what I have the secret to tell you there is a company to show you how. No it’s not all fluff and air and it doesn’t promise you millions over night but it does tell you exactly how to make money online and as long as you are willing to put in the hours and yes days, weeks and months of work, it is a no FAIL system. You don’t believe me I know but unlike any of the other places you go that tell you how EASY whatever they are selling is to make money this is not a place you will hear it. I’m telling you after the dozens of sites I’ve created for myself and clients this is the only one that I know of to date that really works. Not because it has all the bells and whistles either which is something from web developer point of view is hard to accept but because it lays out exactly how to do it page by page and video by video along with the most powerful tools to make it all possible. Even with the mountain of knowledge you will need to gain there is a huge support system on the forums, a play by play video and hundreds of pages of informational if not thousands to get you through everything you need to know.

The key to online success is traffic….and not just any random traffic but direct targeted traffic. Let’s face it what would it matter if you had a site selling bedding and you had hundreds even thousands of people coming to your site looking for kitchen goods.

I’ll go into some detail about this site and why this site is so different from any of the dozens of sites that I’ve created before this one. These sites being blogs, directory sites, Classified, affiliate and web designer sites. I am here to tell you they were all flops of mine because I did not follow the golden rules of the SEO and Google Laws.

I do have good intent in changing this but all takes a lot of work and knowledge, multiplied by the number of sites I have created which I currently do not have time for. I’m putting my foot down and placing what I know into this site and to test it out to see how it all works. Again, none of this will happen over night. To be honest I cancelled my subscription after a years time and had forgotten about my SBI membership all together. It wasn’t until a year later and after I cancelled my subscription that I saw actual RESULTS! I looked up my Google Adsense account after note viewing it for months and after I had cancelled to find out I had PAID CLICKS from only 4 yes 4 pages from this very site that you are viewing right now. To me this is remarkable because with the wide vast of variety of sites that I’ve created I’ve never had organic/free targeted traffic come to any of these sites until now. You want to know how I know because you are HERE! This program truly works and you are proof!

The basis of this article of online business ideas isn’t ramble about the magic of a special program that makes you money a breeze but simple that it is possible and that you reading this is the reality of it. I’m not here to tell you that this program does it all for you because it doesn’t. It maybe the best honest secret out there and a fact that you will make money but it will not happen if you do not take the action and dedication it takes to make it possible. I’m simply here to tell you that if you have the drive and motivation and have the mindset that you’d like to have a successful online business that you can make it happen but you’ve got to do the leg work to make it possible and the powerful KNOW HOW of HOW TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. Up until this year I never knew this to be true! I’m telling you SBI is the changing factor on how I view the “right” way of building a website. Click here for how to get started.

Then there is the aspect of the existing business that is wanting to branch out your to the world wide web. If you didn’t know this already, it’s almost become taboo if you don’t have an online website. No matter what your business is, you must have an online business presence. Why does this matter because if you don’t your competitors that do will take over any chance you could have with people seeking you out, also you can easily lose a potential client for the mire fact that you don’t have a professional website. It makes you appear armature and show that you lack professionalism. You will even cause people to lose a sense of trust in what you provide and often make a person wonder if you are as reputable as you claim to be.

Bottom line new or old you need online presence. You don’t necessarily need a huge flashy site. It could be as simple as a page or two as long as it presents clearly what your business is about and how to contact you. It’s essential and a must. You also want to make sure your site is as professional as your product and services are you don’t want to lose potential customers because your online business presence looks like you pieced it together on a weekend. It does matter!

MOST IMPORTANTLY you want to make sure people can FIND you online by searching you out by keywords they type into any major search engines. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for the cost of what you would spend on a domain and hosting for a year you will receive a domain name, hosting and the most important knowledge on how to direct FREE targeted people looking for your specific products or service and how to be found online and make MONEY!

Here are some Great Small Business Ideas!

On Your Way To Being
Your Own Boss!

Work our Great Small Business Ideas and come up with the career you’ve always dreamed of!

It’s a dream many of us have, to come up with a great business idea and become a huge success. Yet few of us ever take it seriously enough to make it a reality.

It seems in today’s world everyone wants to have the quick and easy version of getting rich and fall fast in love with the idea of being a successful small business owner. However, they do not take the serious steps to making it a reality. The idea behind it is wonderful, work your own hours and to be your own boss. As glamorous as it sounds, I’m here to tell you, it’s hard work and takes a lot of time. However, if you have the right mind set and passion to deliver what needs to be done, great small business ideas can very well turn into a successful career path!

If you think for one moment there’s some magic solution to make it all happen overnight, you’re going to be quickly disappointed and fail as quickly as you started!

We’re here to show you, there are hundreds of small business ideas that can make you money and are also very capable of leading into a possible full-time income source. We are not here to promise you millions and overnight success by buying any specific products, books or programs but we will point you in the right direction to tools we believe are all on the right track to helping you get the financial freedom you’ve always dreamed of.

The only missing part will be YOU and your determination of making it happen. We will give you the ideas, plans and directions but it’s a matter of you taking these business tools and making it happen. The secret to any successful business start-up is finding out what you’re passionate about, what your strength are and what you enjoy doing everyday. Then figuring out how to get paid for it!

Growing up, I was always told that everyone has their very own special God Given Talents. I believe this with all my heart and I can honestly say I’ve not come across a person to this day, where this has not been the case. There is something everyone excels in and loves to do. This is the key component and the heart and soul of what drives any successful business.

Much of this site will be focused on that fact alone. The rest will be ideas to spark interests to develop what fits you the best and follows what you naturally love. Our mission is to provide you with the perfect marriage so that making money no longer becomes WORK, it becomes a JOY! This way, success is the reward of what you love doing the most in life and not what you work hard for!

We wish you every success in life and good fortune to come!

What It Really Means To Have a Small Home Business

Find out what I found to work for me and why I now I’m able to work from home!

One of the best ways to create a small home business in my opinion is to open an online shop. You may be thinking that I’m throwing around common knowledge but I’m telling you where I’ve found my own success in creating my very own small home business. It’s not as simple as opening an online shop of amazing products and waiting for customers to line up and buy buy buy. There’s a lot involved. In fact I’ve failed at this more times than found success. I do know it is possible as long as you have all your ducks in a row and you’re willing to put in the man hours to make it work. This is why finding what you “LOVE” is the key to any successful business venture. I will tell you the two small home businesses that I’ve found myself successful at are both things that I absolutely LOVE and are completely passionate about.

It can’t be said enough, no successful small home business comes easy. There is no magic potion that can be purchased to give you overnight success with little or no effort. So don’t be scammed. The reason why people can believe in a no fail, no work, making money scheme is because they WANT to believe it’s true. Who doesn’t? I’d love to be able to kickback and just watch money roll in without lifting a finger. Ha it sounds more like winning the lottery to me…because it is!

That isn’t to say being able to work from home doesn’t have its perks. Of course it’s nice to be able to work at the convenience of my home. I don’t have to get ready in the morning to go anywhere, heck if I so choose I can work in my PJ’s as long as the kids don’t have school. 😉 I’m able to most times work at my leisure…or when my children allow time to. Huge benefit to being a night owl is that I’m able to pick up my computer or my jewelry at any point and do some work in the late into the night when everyone else is sleeping.

A great place to start with any business is to start small and dream big!

Starting small and online is smart; why because there is a lot less to lose if your business venture ends up being a flop or if you end up finding out it’s not something you end up wanting to do. Think about it this way…you have no grand expenditures of a building other than the use of your home and you get to stay home and work! It’s smart and yet another perk of a small home business venture, less costs and overhead. Making it afforable and cost effective to be able to start up with little costs for you.

I think the best success stories happen when I hear or read of a person doing a side hobby that they love to do to find out there’s a real demand out there for what they are creating. It’s these stories that inspired me to follow through with what I envision for myself. I knew it was possible and was determined to find my way. I knew my strengths, my talents and I knew I had the means of making it a reality. Step by step I worked up to where I am today…happily making money from home doing what I love by creating beautiful hand crafted jewelry. Fun part for me is that it’s a leap from what I was already doing from home…Web Development & Graphic Design. Know what I’m about to share isn’t to sell you anything but simply share with you my success.

It all started for me 2 years ago when I started up my very own small home business online by opening an Etsy Shop. I remember reading time and time again success story after success story of artists and crafters using Etsy to turn what they create and love into full time home based careers. I knew it could be achieved but never dreamed that it would be what it is for me today!

I guess I should back up and tell you some about my background. Prior to this I was a stay-home mother of my first child at the time and a part time freelance web developer. I wasn’t always busy and being that I was an artist at heart I wanted something to full fill my inner artist. I did so by crafting. Come to find out I discovered Etsy…long after it was well known to the World Wide Web. I find it funny as to where I first started my business from thinking I was going to make cutesy hair bows to a now full line of custom and personalized hand crafted jewelry.

In the beginning I spent hours learning how to create different hair bows and flower bows and cute girly clips. I remember my first sale and how EXCITED and thrilled I was that someone wanted to purchase something I created! As much excitement I got from this and as much fun as I had learning this trade, I quickly learned as I opened my shop for Lil Miss Katie’s, that there was already a huge over saturated market of handmade girly bows and clips. I had invested some money in hair clips and ribbon supplies but it wasn’t a big enough investment to break the bank by any means, which is where my theory of starting small and go big fits well. It also worked out that I had a little girl so creating bows was fun and perfect for me to use her as my subject.

Learning the trade I quickly saw how time consuming each bow was to make and how cheaply bows were being sold for…it wasn’t cost effective for me to the more I got involved with this and started to really crunch numbers I saw it wasn’t profitable for me to continue this venture. I almost became Etsy obsessed in that I would spend hours investing time looking up what sold, what was popular and what seemed to be profitable. I saw that there was a huge market for jewelry but a much better chance of making money. It was here I started to dabble in my first tutorials of wire forming, jewelry making techniques of making earrings, bracelets and hand stamped custom pieces. I fell in love! It became my job to learn this brand new craft of jewelry making…although never once considered it work because of how much I enjoyed it.

During my first year I sold in 6 month now what I sell in a week’s time. Most people would have given up at this point. It happened that this was still to me a side hobby and there was no pressure for me to make it my business only a dream and will to make it that successful. My primary source of income was still my freelance work as a web developer.
Key points to my success in having a small home business…I kept myself inspired and never gave up. I kept reading Etsy success stories. I knew it was a tangible dream and it was my passion for what I was creating and love for what I was doing that kept me going. I kept creating new items and upgrading my quality of materials I was using and learning newer and better techniques. I taught myself what I need to know to keep up with what people were seeking out. Over time I found the pieces that would sell and I remained with the idea that my pieces were to be high quality and custom personalized unique pieces. As time progressed and my pieces evolved I figured out what really sold and knew what people were willing to spend and what was a fair and reasonable price also keeping items at price range where anyone could afford my jewelry.

So where am I today? Once having my second child and adjusting to my life around a newborn and finding both my business starting to really take off especially my jewelry I had to come to a deciding point in my life. It was very hard for me to do but I had decided to give up my passion for freelancing web development to take on my jewelry as being my career choice. Know this was extremely difficult for me to do because I had spent the past 15 years of my life creating sites and past several years building up freelance business by being able to work from home. The one thing that did make it easier for me was that even though I was giving up all my cliental I knew I would be continually putting my skills at work with the business sites I currently had for my jewelry and would be maintaining all the ones I had created in the past.

I now have one of my dearest friends hired on to assemble and ship out all my orders. I still personally stamp each of my pieces but I’ve grown enough to be able to have someone work with me from the base of my home. I’m personally making less but I know it was a critical spot for me to be able to succeed…as my business grows I need to be able to keep up otherwise my business would fail quicker than it took to grow. I still have big plans and ideas constantly running in my mind of the next stage I’d like to take my Lil Miss Katie’s Jewelry. My biggest struggle now is the balance of family life, a very demanding infant and success of working hours. There are so many more aspects to my business now that I never had to worry about before. Accounting & book keeping for one, Payroll, a lot more customer service with conversations and emailing, website and online shop maintenance & marketing which I know I need to be more proactive in.

Some of the main Highlights to this article are that starting a small home business is very possible. It doesn’t happen overnight so I would never suggest quitting a day job to start up an idea that you want to run with. Best situations to this would be is if you have time to commit to a side job. Think of this as a part time job to your current employment situation. Make sure it something you can be passionate at and love so it’s not work but something you are enjoy doing and creating along the way. Know that starting off it will you’ll only really be making enough to cover your costs and expenses but be thrilled in that fact. I know I was ecstatic. I placed my goals in realistic stages. I was first happy to cover my expense then basic goals for the month then weeks. As I progress I was excited over every milestone I overcame. Starting off making only dollars off my first sale…to then having a sale a week to having a couple of sales a week to then making an average of a $100 buck a month to a couple and then on and on but being very excited to seeing the results as they came.

I highly recommend if you are looking to sell a unique crafted item to consider Etsy! If you’re into antiques and collecting vintage items you can even sell and create a shop there. One remarkable fact about me using Etsy as oppose to me creating an online shop of my own through my website is that all this time on Etsy I have never once had to pay for any form of Advertising. Etsy already has millions of targeted buyers that by everyday on their site every day and all you need to know is how to tap into that source and sell to who is already going there to buy. As oppose to creating an online website that you’ll either need to learn how to create yourself or hire someone on to do. On top of that you will not have people visiting or finding your online shop unless you pay for people to view it through paid advertising either online or through printed sources of marketing. Then there’s the factor of making your shop SEO for search engines which is an entire different topic to get into. But for now know this; Etsy is extremely cheap in comparison to any other alternative of a start up business…costing you only 20 cent per listing that you post and then about 3% per transaction…well 6% when you include the payment plug-in of how to accept an online payment. I do plan on going into more details of opening an Etsy Shop or an Online Store and the positives and negatives of both. In my opinion I believe there is a place to have both.

For now…start small but dream BIG. You don’t want to go out the gate failing before you even start. As always feel free to shoot me a line with any questions if you’re unable to find an article topic to cover your question on. Wishing you a bright and successful future ahead!

What to think about when you start a business.

What to think about when you start a business.

So you’ve come across a great business idea but have you really thought about how to start a business? Before for you leap forward, here are some thing you need to seriously consider.

Read over the following guidelines to make sure you can cover all the basics and still feel as optimistic about your business idea.

1. When starting your business, decide exactly what your business products and or services will be.

What makes you superior to your competitors?
What makes your qualified in providing these services or products?
Know if you are meeting a need/demand?
Is it seasonal or can you provide this year round? If not, will it be enough to support you or will you need to figure out another way to supplement your income?
How passionate are you about doing this as a full time career?
How much growth potential is there?

2. Know your market – Research what the going rate is.

Do you have a lot of competitors or is your niche a brand new service you will be providing? If it’s brand new to your area, is there reason for this? Could it be that it’s not been embarked on because there’s not enough need for it? To help determine such factors ask yourself:

Who your targeted audience is?
Who are you selling or servicing to?
Are you marketing to other businesses or people? Or both?
Really determine if your services is oversaturated or filling a void.
Can you estimate and predetermine what you will need to sell or produce in order to make a comfortable profit?
How comfortable do you feel that you can meet this requirement?

3. Make sure you able to cover all aspects of a job and if not do you have to working capital to be able to hire it out?

Things such as:

Setting Appointments
Order supplies
Filling and Answering Phone
Customer Service
Inventory Tracking

Go over all you can do and see if it feasible to hire out what you aren’t able to manage yourself.

A great idea is to get the family involved if possible in helping you cover some of these tasks and help take off some of the work load.

4. Make a list of start-up cost and supplies that you will need to get your business going.

This means to also determine what type of working space and equipment? Are you able to work out of you home? Do you have enough required space out of your home that can be designated for a work area? Consider all your immediate expenses you will encounter. Such as:

Legal and Attorney Services
Office supplies
Start-up Inventory
Electronics: printer/computer/fax/copier

5. Know all your legal aspects of starting:

Check Zoning Laws
License Requirements
Service/Products that may require patents, trademarks and or copyrights.

6. Legal Forms of Business Organization.

When you start a business, you will need to determine which is the best structure to form your business as. Then determine if you can set this up yourself or if you need to hire it done by an attorney or accountant.

Sole Proprietorship
Limited Liability
S Corporation
C Corporation

Along with these you will need to have a Tax EIN for filling your taxes and to determine if you need a Sale Permit all which can be done online.

7. You will need to determine if your services require Insurance and what kinds.

Depending on the type of business it can require specific insurance to cover and avoid any type of financial hardship or lost. Some examples would be:

Personal Health Insurance
Liability Insurance
Auto/Car insurance for equipment and or machinery or business car/truck

8. You will need to try to determine a starting point of when you will break even.

Once expenses of start-up are considered you will also need to determine what type of extra funding will be needed and how to go about it.

9. Make sure your family/spouse are onboard before you start your business venture.

Get their support. This is important. Make sure they understand that you starting this new business venture is going to lead to lots of extra hours and time on your part. Encourage them to participate in ways and get them involved so they don’t feel left out. Not having the support of loved ones will only make it that much harder to get to your goal of being a success.

Now ask yourself…do you feel as optimistic going through the how to start a business list, as you first did coming up with the idea? Are you ready to put forth the effort and long hours? If so CONGRATULATIONS! You’re well on your way to being your own boss.

We hope you find a business idea that inspires you!

Here’s our list of small business ideas to help you on your way to financial freedom! Most will bemobile business ideas. Hope you enjoy.

Keep in mind Passion is the one important key factor to success. We could create a business list of a million ideas but it would not benefit you in any way if you do not enjoy doing the one thing you choose to persue in life. It is the passion and love of what you are doing, that will continue to drive you to your goals of success, even in times you feel as though you’ve come to a dead end road.

Another thing to think about is how competitive your small business idea is. Is it a narrow market or will you be surrounded by a sea of competitors before even stepping foot into your new business venture?

Research your local area, especially if it’s something that can only be provided locally. Otherwise if it’s a service without any boundaries, you have much more flexibility of finding where you are needed.

However, if it’s a service that you can only provide locally focus on what will make you stand above the rest and make your very ordinary service into something extraordinary. Find something you can provide that none of your competitors offer that will truly benefit your customers.

Finally The Business List!
Currently there are only 50 items featured. There are many more to come as you can see below. We want to be able to comment and add suggestions to each item that we list so it’s much easier for you to visualize with!

Marketing Services
– In today’s world, any business needs some sort of marketing plan to survive. If your business suave and have good business sense in marketing and promotion, then this could be a service you could be providing to businesses to businesses locally, nation or even world-wide!

– I consider this to be a branch off of Marketing Services. Do you have an eye for great packaging and gift wrapping? You could be providing a service to help local merchants present their products in a more appealing and professional matter.

Graphic Designer
– This is a field that I’ve actually gone to school for. But I do know there is a large realm of needs according to size and budget of any given business. Obviously a more established company is going to go with a more reputable and experience design firm. However, there are plenty of start-up businesses that do not have a lot of working capital. If you can provide your services for a very affordable rate, these start-up companies will be more apt to use your for you services. Down side you might even have to work for free to prove yourself. Keep in mind this is only to help build your portfolio enough where you can then start charging more and more as your experience and expertise grows.

Web Designer – With today technology, people are able to create basic nice looking sites with fewer skills and even less effort. There are hundreds of pre-made templates and services out there that could provide you with an easy way to provide this as a service. If you like working with computers and have fun creating and designing and working with code this could be something you could easily get into and work from anywhere that has internet connection. You will need to look into designer software and make sure you have a computer capably of handling the needs of these programs.

Freelance Writing/Content Writer
– With the growth of the internet and the building of millions of websites…you will hear time and time again, CONTENT is KING! This is true and there are website owners looking for your writing skills. Either they don’t have the time themselves to write up topics or they are looking for multiple sources of getting their content. If you are a natural writer this could be for you!

Newsletter Service
– There are several businesses and organizations in your area that provide monthly newsletters. It could be an area that you specialize in from creating and formatting the newsletter to even sending them out on behalf of the company or organization. You could even publish and create personalized newsletter for families.

Photography Business
– This does require some working capital. You need the right camera and equipment and yes skills. This is an area I’d suggest taking classes on but I do know there are plenty of people that start this as a hobby and take it to the next level without having to take any additional courses. You will also need to have knowledge in photo touch up and have skills in programs such as Photoshop. This is also a pricey software so get ready to spend some money.

Web Hosting – Providing a 3rd party company service as selling it as your own. There are several well known large hosting providers that make this as an available service that you can provide and make money from.

Website Business
– Have you own money making website. This can be very profitable and a very flexible venture. However, you need to have the right knowledge, skills and tools to be able to make money from a site. This process will not be overnight and can take years before getting any type of money reward from one. I will say this, anyone that has the drive to get one made right, can do this. You will also need to be aware of costs of hosting, domain name and the site itself whether it’s your time or the hired time of a designer.

Create A Blog – Believe it or not blogs can be very profitable. However, the issue now is that it’s a highly competitive market. So unless you have something completely unique and you are confident of being able to build up a large fan list without any problems…I’d only go into this thinking of it as a fun hobby to test the waters before considering it as a feasible way to make any money from it.

Resale Used Goods/Thrift Shop
– Find re-sellable products anything from antiques, vintage clothing, items found at garage sales, used furniture, appliances, tools or anything you think would resell. Hunt garage sales, clearance sections of stores or even look online! You could be as specific as collecting and selling clocks or lamps for that matter. Remember let your passion drive your success and your ideas!

Business Retail Services – Working with drop-shipping and whole sale companies makes it easy to have little to no inventory of products and can be done locally, nationally or world-wide online.

Direct Selling Products on Ebay or Etsy
– The great thing about these sites is that you do not have to have an ecommerce website built for you to sell online! Think up items such as discussed above in the previous ideas or come up with your very own…new or used or hand-made. Note: Etsy is strictly for art supply needs, vintage or hand-made goods.

Starting Your Own Clothing Company – If you like to sew and this is something you enjoy doing and do it well then what’s to stop you? There are plenty of ways you can promote your services locally, nationally and even world-wide. Etsy is a great way to also promote and grow this particular avenue.

Recycling Goods For Resell
– If you’re creative enough you could find a special niche where you recycle items to make them into something reusable. There are several ideas of this found on Etsy. Items that have been reused to make jewelry or other unique one of a kind goods.

Event Planning- This is a good one especially if you are able to furnish and rent out the supplies needed for any specific occasion! Another important aspect is to network and work with local vendors that can cover aspects of an event that you may not be able to cover yourself. Think of all details, the more you can do and cover the more profitable it becomes!

Small Bakery – How fun would this be! If you love baking and creating beautiful cakes or have some winning secret family recipes…why NOT! There are some strict guidelines as to having special license, permits and testing for food items that vary per state but the reward could be well worth the time and investment.

Catering – Are you a master of the grill or love to cook? I know of a guy that works out of a gas station that makes up this amazing grilled pulled pork and these delicious baked beans. He makes up individual servings for walk ins but also does catering for special events. If cooking is a passion of yours who knows where this could take you!

Small Repair Shop Business –
Are you good at fixing things and repairing things that are broken? You could sell your services to those that either don’t know how or don’t have the time to bother with such things.

House Cleaning
– This one can be a flexible working schedule by making your services only available on specific days and times. Another nice thing about this is that you will be able to determine if you want to work holidays, weekends and also set the days you want for your vacations. Home owners are often flexible to your work schedule especially when you’re doing something they are not fond of doing themselves. Obviously if you’re a person that hates to clean then this is not for you!

Office Cleaning Service – The hours for this is often less flexible in that many businesses like the place of work to be cleaned after hours so that staff members are not disturbed. So be aware that you will mostly likely be working a lot of evenings, nights and weekends.

Home Organizer
– This is one I know my Mother could have done well in. You can simply provide your organizational skills to someone by providing them a plan or solution for their home. Or you could physically go in and organize their home for them. Aside from this you could even create your own site selling and promoting organizing goods to clients or to anyone looking to organize for that matter.

Bed-and-breakfast accommodations – Wouldn’t it be great to operate a bed and breakfast in the middle of a territory that attracts thousands of tourists and other travelers each year? If you’ve a knack for hosting people on a full-time basis and have the house to convert to a couple of extra bedrooms, you can be in business. It’s truly full-time, even though you’re only serving breakfast. There’s laundry to do, beds to be made, bathrooms to clean and reservations to handle, but it can often be done at a leisurely pace. Room rates are $75 per night and up, so the money can add up pretty fast. Be careful of burnout, however, as there are no holidays from this job, unless you have another person/couple who can take over for a couple of weeks.

Computer Consultant – If you are a programmer, this is certainly a job that can lend itself to contract labor, run out of your own home. Competition is heavy, but once you have a few clients, you will likely make an excellent living at something you’re good at and probably enjoy. The low starting rate for programmers is $50/hour and you can charge more based on your expertise and the problem to be solved. The more diversified your experience, the more likely the calls will be coming in for your services. You will need to stay up on current technology, but most programmers do this naturally. There is a plethora of magazines and other publications about the latest and greatest technology. Canvass local businesses to ascertain their computer needs. You’re only selling your services, so cold calling is a low pressure issue. Most businesses have some complaint about their computer system and are looking for easy answers from someone who is local and has good knowledge and experience. Solid computer expertise is invaluable to small businesses.

Computer Services
– Repair, Cleaning, IT Support or even provide selling computer goods along with your services.

Pet Sitting Business
– If you have the space and yard for it and love animals this could be a great business starter for you. You could branch out into so many aspects of this as well. Providing kenneling services, dog supplies, dog grooming services or pet sitting by going to a person’s house to walk and play with a pet while the owners are away.

Packing and Unpacking Service – I suppose you could even piggy back off of existing services that do the moving where the business could either hire you out or have you referred to from the client they are moving. I’m sure some of the moving services provide this. My only concern with this would be dealing with the insurance part of covering damaged items.

Party Planning Business – This would go hand in hand with Event planning. A lot of the same principles of providing all aspects of any type of parties or you could focus on a targeted at group or specific kind of party such as birthdays, bridal shower, baby shower ECT.

Party Palace – I really considered looking into this business with a girlfriend. I like really like the idea of it. I actually came across this little shop that did princess parties for girls where a lady provided the place and a fun day with gift and games. She also did hair and make-up and glamour. I’ve seen this done as a tea party theme as well. How fun to have dress up for girl’s birthday parties.

Homemade Candles – As small as this may sound it could be very lucrative. Think about it…what house hold do not have candles.

According to the National Candle Association, candle consumer retail sales in the United States alone is projected at over $2.3 billion, not including candle accessories.

Think about all the times you’ve ever given one as a gift or received one. If it sounds like something you could find a niche in and something you would enjoy doing, it could be very profitable for you.

Gift Baskets
– If you’re creative and have a great imagination: gift baskets make for a great choice for all kinds of special occasions: birthdays, weddings, special events, anniversaries, housewarmings, welcome baskets for realtors to give to new homeowners, home office starter baskets, all office supplies, baby shower baskets and anything you can think of. You could easily work from home doing this or branch nationally as long as you’re able to cover shipping rates and know that best ways of going about packaging you purchases for shipping.

Picture Matting and Framing
– There has got to be profit in this market. Knowing the expense of getting any custom framing done, it’s quite expensive. So there has to be a good profit margin if you know how to go about providing this as a service. Of course supplies of a matt cutter and framing supplies would be needed but this could easily be done out of the home.

Garage Sale Organizer
– You could provide people with the tables, labels, signs and anything they need to have a successful garage sale. I’ve thought of this in a different angle…starting with the web first. Have a free classified site where people could post their details online along with providing the above services in hand with this.

Welcoming New Neighbors
– Create a welcoming package of lots of coupons of local shops, restaurants and businesses. Basically selling and providing advertising for these local businesses while providing a service to newbies. You can then provide these packages to realtors, apartment buildings and the city of commerce to hand out to new comers to the area. Another angel to this would be if you presented it in a manner that would be appealing enough for realtors or housing owners/landlords, you could then charge them a fee per package if you are will to present it in a manner that is unique to their particular service with placing their logo and information on it so it looks as though it is coming from them. You could also provide possible additional add-ons for promotional tools that could be added on to the welcome package.

– I know I’ve hear many moms say they simply do not have time to scrapbook and keepup with their childrens books. You could provide this as a service. There are now digital forms of ones you can create which could be easier then hand custom creating them. This could even branch into providing your very own scrap-booking supplies and or classes!

Home Printing Business
– This is a very easy idea and all you need is a good printer and some great advertising. You could start by offering your printing services locally to churches, school groups, etc

Car Detailing Service
– This could be done right out of your home. I would suggest as long as you’re in a central location and are not too far away from local businesses, you could provide this throughout the day. Picking up the car and dropping it back off while a person is working. You of course will need car cleaning supplies, shop vac and if you’re not doing the washing by hand, a close location of a car wash.

Boat Cleaning and Detail – This could be a nice summer job if you like to be outdoors and by the water. I’d suggest you have love for boating and have boating experience so you know the best way to go about having a boat cleaned and detailed. I know my old boss did this in his younger years and he said it was the most fun job he ever had. He was able to make a good amount of money and enjoyed what he did being outside working his own set hours.

Lunch Runner – Go to a place of business and take orders for people that are working…pick up the food and deliver along with payment. I know working as a sales rep and 12 hour days there were many times I didn’t have time to run out to grab lunch even with an hour lunch break. So having this service would have been nice. I would have been more than happy to pay for this kind of service.

Teaching Classes
– Great idea of after school classes for kids and even adults for painting, sculpture, writing, learning an instrument/music, swimming, tutoring, anything that you have expertise in that you can teach others. I had an art teacher that I went to every Saturday for 6 years. This was how she made a living, teaching others how to paint out of her home. However, it did consume her entire main floor of her house from her entrance areas, living room and kitchen which was where the classes were held!

Form Maker
– Create custom forms for billing, inventory, purchasing, quotes, invoicing, supply lists, shopping lists and much more. Think of businesses that would like to incorporate their information on it and then also have it customized specifically for their needs. You could also make fun and personalized ones for families.

Prom Night Planner
– Think up all the aspects of a prom night that need to be covered. What if you could come up with a Prom Package that would cover everything one would want for such an event. Think up going to local retailer and getting discounted rates for hair, make-up, dresses, tucks, flowers, limos. I can envision this for a website covering all aspects of a prom and the services. You could then branch off and link to homecoming, winter formal, graduation and other year around school events.

E-books – If you can write you can create any kind of informational books or pamphlets. Write on how to do things by creating tutorial books and teaching a craft or skill by providing your own expertise and knowledge. Then selling it in an electronic form to sell online!

Carpet Cleaning
– Have the equipment? You could easily get into cleaning carpets for homes and small businesses. Need to have a niche over competitors? Think Green, think pet, baby and environmentally friendly by using products that are green. Then you could take it to another level by selling these cleaning products for everyday use!

Jewelry Making/Repair
– I know this one seems to be over saturated but it seems like a very lucrative business venture right now. Especially with sites like Etsy that make it easier to sell hand-made items. As long as you have a Niche item you can make it in any field no matter how saturated it is. Be creative! I’m assuming if you like to make jewelry as a hobby you are creative enough to make something unique and one of a kind!

Fitness Trainer – This could be a hard one to get into unless you have the background to really sell your fitness experience. However, if you think you have a winning plan and would be excellent at motivating others to get fit then by all means go for it! Another way to do this is make it more specific such as targeting an audience and creating something such as a Bridal Fitness Program or maybe Baby Weight Program for Mom’s wanting to lose their baby pounds!

Lawn Care & Landscaping Services
– Depending on how BIG you want to go with this, it can be a very profitable business. However, I know when owning my first house, I had a Father & Son mow my yard for the summer. The money they made all went towards the kid’s college fund. It’s hard work but I know many people that love to do yard work. This could be a perfect way of making extra money over the summer months. Depending on how big you want to get you could have people hired as long as you have the equipment to then do larger companies that will pay you out a lot more and be much more lucrative.

Baby Child Proofing Service
– Thinking back on this I wish I would have taken the time to hire this done. I remember the tedious task of going around screwing in all the drawer baby proofing clips. Ahhh, not a small task. I’m sure you could even expand your services in to setting up and putting together baby equipment as well! Another PAIN that I’d been more than happy to pay for as a service.

Window Washing – This may not seem like much of a service but it is a service that there is a need for. I know with my 20 foot ceilings…if not for my husband this would be hired out. I know that our many of our neighbors do. Again this is one that could be for residential or commercial or both. Depending on the equipment you have it could be something you could do over the summer months either as extra in-come or part-time.

Top 10 Dumbest Online Business Ideas That Made It Big Time.

  1. Million Dollar Homepage

1000000 pixels, charge a dollar per pixel – that’s perhaps the dumbest idea for online business anyone could have possible come up with. Still, Alex Tew, a 21-year-old who came up with the idea, is now a millionaire.

  1. SantaMail

Ok, how’s that for a brilliant idea. Get a postal address at North Pole, Alaska, pretend you are Santa Claus and charge parents 10 bucks for every letter you send to their kids? Well, Byron Reese sent over 200000 letters since the start of the business in 2001, which makes him a couple million dollars richer.

  1. Doggles

Create goggles for dogs and sell them online? Boy, this IS the dumbest idea for a business. How in the world did they manage to become millionaires and have shops all over the world with that one? Beyond me.

  1. LaserMonks is a for-profit subsidiary of the Cistercian Abbey of Our Lady of Spring Bank, an eight-monk monastery in the hills of Monroe County, 90 milesnorthwest of Madison. Yeah, real monks refilling your cartridges. Hallelujah! Their 2005 sales were $2.5 million! Praise the Lord.

  1. AntennaBalls

You can’t sell antenna ball online. There is no way. And surely it wouldn’t make you rich. But this is exactly what Jason Wall did, and now he is now a millionaire.

  1. FitDeck

Create a deck of cards featuring exercise routines, and sell it online for $18.95. Sounds like a disaster idea to me. But former Navy SEAL and fitness instructor Phil Black reported last year sales of $4.7 million. Surely beats what military pays.

  1. PositivesDating.Com

How would you like to go on a date with an HIV positive person? Paul Graves and Brandon Koechlin thought that someone would, so they created a dating site for HIV positive folks last year. Projected 2006 sales are $110,000, and the two hope to have 50,000 members by their two-year mark.

  1. Designer Diaper Bags

Christie Rein was tired of carrying diapers around in a freezer bag. The 34-year-old mother of three found herself constantly stuffing diapers for her infant son into freezer bags to keep them from getting scrunched up in her purse. Rein wanted something that was compact, sleek and stylish, so in November 2004, she sat down with her husband, Marcus, who helped her design a custom diaper bag that’s big enough to hold a travel pack of wipes and two to four diapers. With more than $180,000 in sales for 2005, Christie’s company, Diapees & Wipees, has bags in 22 different styles, available online and in 120 boutiques across the globe for $14.99.

  1. TruGamerz

Faux-suede padded covers for game controllers and gel thumb pads for analog joysticks? No one will buy that. Forget it. The product proved to be so popular, it got picked up by and and annual sales new exceed half a million dollars.

  1. Lucky Wishbone Co.

Fake wishbones. Now, this stupid idea is just destined to flop. Who in the world needs FAKE PLASTIC wishbones? A lot of people, it turns out. Now producing 30,000 wishbones daily (they retail for 3 bucks a pop) Ken Ahroni, the company founder, expects 2006 sales to reach $1 million.

The trend for entrepreneurs to flash the cash! Even when their businesses don’t have the resource  

Whatever media I come across relating to entrepreneurs these days (whether it’s a TV show, magazine article, newspaper piece or otherwise), the overwhelming focus seems to be on wealth. A thirty second tv clip, for example, will cover the nature of the individuals enterprise for all of five seconds, before devoting twenty five to his boats, cars, plush houses and shiny teeth!

Anyone in business would, I feel, be lying if they said that at some level they weren’t “in it for the money”, but they would also be lying if the said it wasn’t ridiculously hard work, with long hours, unbelievable personal stress, and for the first year or two (at least) very little return.

The media focus, however, has created a generation of entrepreneurs who have the misguided belief that they will become millionaires overnight, and from the first few months of running their business, will be able to enjoy all the trappings of wealth!
The simple fact is, businesses CANNOT grow unless the owners re-invest profits into the infrastructure of the company (whether that be plant, machinery, staff, marketing, and so forth) all of which are costly yet important aspects. If the business owner effectively “rapes” the business of this profit to give themselves a better lifestyle, they are creating a number of massive exposures:

• The business will not have the cash it needs to re-invest in growth.
• The business will not have the cash it needs to ride out changes in market conditions.
• The business will fundamentally not be able to generate a good return for other investors!

One of my customers, for example, has a very strong import company. They have been running for over twenty years, and have a few million in the bank The business now has the stability which means the owner(s) are able to enjoy the toys & trappings of their hard work. On the flip side, other businesses I work with, which are barely out of their infancy, see their owners lavishly investing in fast cars, expensive toys, and so forth, leaving the business at (or often below) breakeven. On many occasions, I have seen organisations in the latter scenario crash and burn, whereas, in the former they are able to ride out massive changes in market conditions, and generate LONG TERM returns for owners and investors alike.

Part of the problem is the need to “show face”. With so much focus on wealth throughout every aspect of our lives, from our celebrity & sports-star idols (all on mega money), through to lavish lifestyles on TV, and weekend-millionaire-champagne-culture, the underlying trend is for individuals to measure their own self-worth, on net-worth, which creates a dangerous self-perpetuating cycle of spending outside means, and inevitably adding to the £1TRILLION (yes, trillion, not billion) of consumer debt in the UK.

HPI checks on most of the fancy cars you see floating around, for example, will reveal that most are financed to the hilt!

It also leads to a sap of good thinkers out of creative and science pursuits, into the service oriented corporate world, effectively turning our country from being an innovator and market leader, into a giant number-crunching-heirarchical-living-for-the-weekend-call-centre!

This kind of behaviour, ultimately, is damaging not only to the individuals involved, but to the economy as a whole. SME entrepreneurs contribute to a large proportion of our nations GDP, and unlike spangly-multinationals, these firms are loyal to the country, and contribute to money-flow, and ultimately ‘wealth’ of the country. The multinationals, for the most part, while basing offices here, will take their profits abroad to countries which are more tax efficient than hours (Yes, Mr. Brown, I am pointing the finger of blame there at you….)

Ultimately, there is nothing wrong with wanting nice things, and working hard to give yourself the ability to enjoy them, but the simple facts are that the overwhelming majority of people who GENUINELY are high-net-worth (other than inheritance), have built that wealth over decades (not a couple of years), and have often lived lives of priviledged mediocrity until the stage where their business is stable enough for them to cash-in.

So come on guys, keep it real eh?

I take a look at why its good to keep talking.

From the awkward silence of a lift-full of strangers, to the ‘smile and nod’ acknowledgement of those around you on a train or bus, or even the ‘I have my headphones in so don’t talk to me’ approach opted by so many on flights, I am astounded by the inability of people to interact with those around them!

Let me give you an example; It’s been a busy week, more so than usual, and a week involving a lot of travel, on trains, planes, tubes, taxis and more. Not only that, but a week of living solo, in and out of hotels, without the company of people I know!Scenario A: I chose to stay ‘reserved’ only interacting with people where necessary.
End Result: Quite an uneventful week

Scenario B: Made a concerted effort to talk to the people I came into contact with, wherever that may be (eg: on the train, in the hotel, in bars, etc).
End Result: Some new friends, new contacts, and potentially new clients for business ventures I am involved with!

Clearly therefore you can see the benefits of keeping an open mind to new people in your daily lives. The same is, however, true of the business environment, and particularly start-ups

There have been many occasions where, unfortunately, I have seen businesses fail simply because the owners of the enterprise had not the courage (or nouce?) to talk to people about their ideas, their company, and how they could grow!

Whenever I discuss this issue with clients, or during events I speak at, I am usually greeted with a lot of people who seem altogether scared by the prospect! Here are some common reasons given to me for holding out that steely faced British reserve…

1) Ideas being stolen!
Amazing now that all ‘entrepreneurs’ who see me arrive brandishing reams of non-disclosure-agreements, and play cards so close to their chests that often, I cant even understand what they want! The truth is, if someone is going to steal your idea then, invariably, they will – HOWEVER – by being more open and communicating, you can rapidly build the right network of people and contacts to make a project/venture happen. Cynics amongst us may consider this a slightly ‘naïve’ approach when considering the value of ones ideas, but the truth remains that unless you are cash rich and/or resourceful enough to execute your ideas WITHOUT support, you must communicate. One of our businesses, for example, is a financial recruitment company. Overwhelmingly the business and client base has developed simply by keeping an open mind and talking to people! Remember my busy week? (above) this resulted in three new clients for that company!

2) I don’t have the confidence to just go up and talk to people!
Unless you happen to be someone who enjoys living on the ‘edge’, chances are you will get nervous (at some level) talking to someone you don’t know. That fear could be rejection (in the case of a prospective other-half), disinterest, hostility, lack of acknowledgement or any one of hundreds of other things. The key is to always realise that whoever you are talking to, whether “prince or pauper”, they are just people, and (the way I always look at it) “talking to someone else surely is better than talking to yourself” And, to be fair, whether it was at school, college, university or the workplace I doubt there are any of us who haven’t crossed that psychological barrier before!

By being open, and creating dialogues, you can even develop the ‘support network’ you need of individuals who are there for you to bounce ideas and problems off, ‘without prejudice’ (simply as they have no reason to NOT be honest with you). I have, for example, a number of people who I have been talking to in this capacity for many years. Not once have we done ‘deals’ with each other, but nevertheless, act as a small network of support for each other. On more than one occasion, this has helped me reach the sudden and vivid realisation that I was, for example, about to make a very bad decision or that, in other cases, my new business idea was not as world-changing as I had previously thought.

So, to conclude this month’s instalment I would simply suggest that you keep an open mind and try to talk more to everyone around you! Who knows…. You might meet someone interesting!

Financing Your Business Ideas!

More than anything else, businesses are oriented around their finances, and whether that be for basic bills, employee wages, stock, supplies or promotions, the fact remains that without that “cash” in the business, it simply would not be able to operate. Often, though, people underestimate the importance of forethought in this regard and fall prey to cash-flow “black holes”.

On more than one occasion, I’ve met with entrepreneurs who know their idea inside out, and can impressively answer any question you may have. The shiny hundred page hardback bound business plan is a piece of art in itself but, when it comes to the crunch and you look at the numbers, costs have been ignored, or are unrealistically low/high, and they are orienting themselves around finding “enough” money to execute the idea, without giving adequate buffer for eventualities. Part of the reason for this is “fear” – whereby the entrepreneur is scared to ask for too-much! But, remember, that the majority of start-ups, even if they are exceedingly good ideas, will fail on cash issues!
When starting a business, there are a number of options available to you for funding, and depending on your own level of experience in enterprise, one or more will suit your needs.

Surprisingly obvious, but a relatively high-risk option, often requiring one to exercise cash they may have locked up in their home, and personal savings/nest-eggs. If the business idea will create assets (eg: stock, property) this is a good option, as you are simply translating from one capital asset to another, but remember, if things start to go wrong, you are setting up a massive personal exposure for yourself.

Friends & Family:
Again, this is a very commonly used method to finance start-ups. Your friends and family know you, know what your capable of, and if your idea is right, are well placed to help you raise the funds to execute it! The plus side is that you are dealing with people who already know you… but the major downside is the stress of being in debt to your loved ones, particularly if things don’t go so well. I would always encourage people to investigate this method, but only if they have the strength of character to deal with the downsides.

Venture Capital & Business Angels:
The “.com boom” pushed these terms into the mainstream, with stories of eighteen year old entrepreneurs raising millions of pounds for terrible ideas! Whether we are looking at venture capital through specialist firms, or business angels (high net worth private individuals who invest in companies), the media has done a lot to glamorise their position in the market. The reality is, though, that to raise money from these sources, you will need a very strong business plan, and need to justify every aspect of your company, and even your suitability to run it. In any case, the investing body will also take a significant “chunk” of your business for their stake, and you will be monitored, assessed, and reviewed regularly. The major plus side is that it is relatively low risk, and often-times, these firms have the contacts you need to grow your business. HOWEVER, you will lose a lot of ownership. Venture Capitalists are also highly utilised where the business idea itself requires a large amount of start-up capital, which would not be available from other sources.

Another term bantered around during the “.com boom” was business incubators. Effectively these are organisations who set up spaces to grow, develop and support new businesses, giving them the infrastructure they need (not just cash) and support from other entrepreneurs, mentors and professionals. For many individuals who are not experienced in business, or maybe are more risk averse, these incubators (or “business accelerators”) can provide the perfect forum for growth, especially if they do not have the cash resources to develop their business ideas. Incubators have been used for many years in the science and engineering fields, as pooled resources can massively reduce R&D costs. In Manchester, venturespace ( provide a superb incubation environment and support many types of organisation.

Given that banks are in the business of money…. People often ignore their suitability for raising finance for business ideas. Most of the major banks have special divisions dedicated to start-up businesses, and financing companies. Banks also frequently provide the necessary support to provide the legal and regulatory framework you need for your idea!

Legal & Accounts Firms:
Again, often ignored are the networks of legal and accounting practices with regards to starting business. They play crucial roles in any firm, and most firms have access to investors, investment markets, and can provide the necessary advice you need to start your company. In MANY cases I have been involved with, legal and accounting firms have also given the necessary impetus and entrepreneurial push to really take ideas forward often taking a stake themselves and raising the capital for the idea to become a success.

Local authorities, and central government are always keen to encourage people to start-up in business, and provide excellent networks to facilitate this. Depending on the industry you are getting involved in, there will also be a host of grants and other benefits/support available to make the process easier. If you contact your local chamber of commerce, their advisors will be able to assess your idea, and give you the right contact. Grants are particularly available to those involving themselves in media, arts, and sciences.

It’s important to note, though, that even with all of these frameworks available to you to raise money, the onus is always on you as an entrepreneur to understand your business and its cash needs both at day 0, and on an ongoing basis. Unless you thoroughly understand this, your business is not geared for success, again, this is one of the areas where incubators, accounts firms and their contemporaries succeed, as they provide you the knowledge and training in accounting, book-keeping and so forth which you will need to get a grip on your finances….

To finish, though, I would like to quote activist Marian Wright Edelman, who once spoke of money thusly…

“Never work just for money or for power. They won’t save your soul or help you sleep at night.”

5 Things Your Business Idea Should Do per Veritas Inc Atlanta

When we look into the business world today, it’s easy to see that not every business was created equal. And while we can attribute some of a business’ success to good leadership, the truth is that even with the best leader, a poor idea is doomed to fail.

But sometimes, bad ideas can seem like inspired, good ones. It’s important to be able to tell the difference. Before you move forward with your next “big” idea, you should be sure that it’s actually worth your time, money, and sanity.

In our opinion, Veritas Inc Atlanta has a wonderful business model. However, we are fairly biased. Any business idea should do these five things to be viable in today’s marketplace.

Veritas Inc Atlanta GA

Veritas Inc Atlanta Reviews 5 Things Your Business Idea Should Do

  1. Your idea should solve a problem; it should give a solution for something that people need. If they don’t need it, or feel like they need it, chances are they won’t be interested. It’s vital that your solution is unique as well, especially if there are already existing solutions out there.
  2. It should also be doable. Assess what you’ll need to pull things off successfully, and then determine if you can bring together the money, resources, and time needed.
  3. People should want to talk about your idea. It should be interesting, engaging, and be able to market itself, essentially. If you don’t have the advantage of word of mouth, it will be much more difficult to find success.
  4. An idea truly worth going after is one that is timeless. It’s something people will always need, or at least will need for a long period of time. It should evolve as time goes on, not expire after just a few years. As time goes on, your idea should not depreciate in value. For instance, the value of Veritas Inc Atlanta will not go away any time soon. Face-to-face interactions will never be outdated.
  5. Lastly, you should consider the idea in its entirety—what it will take to execute it (the cost), and decide whether or not it will be worth it in the end. You should feel strongly that your idea is worth the time and effort you and others will be pouring into it. If you don’t believe it, no one else is likely to, either.

Veritas Inc Atlanta Summary of a Great Business Idea

Management at Veritas Inc Atlanta reviews entrepreneurship: “There are no guarantees when it comes to being an entrepreneur, but it’s worthwhile to be able to determine the difference between an idea that’s a dud and one that’s bursting with potential.”