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The Flexible Cable Television Business Model

View DIRECTV packagesFor those consumers who keep track of the cable industry, they have no doubt realized just how exciting things are becoming. There’s no denying that the industry is under pressure by the general public, their customers and even the FCC. The consumers have seen a better business model for television thanks to the Internet. A model that gives them a measure of freedom and control that the cable industry will never be able to provide to them. Even with the cheap DirecTV pricing you can find, consumers want more from the companies that deliver them their cable. They want flexibility.

Is that so much to ask? The need for choice is important to a consumer. Our choice for cable provides is already severely limited and the content which is provided buy them has been the same for decades now. It’s far past the time that we have something new. Cable TV services normally come along with cable phone and cable broadband services – which is good for most new home buyers. With cable TV bundle package (Comcast for example), you’ll get entertainment, communication, and even high speed Internet services.

The service provide much convenience to the users (imagine settling all your home bills with just one company) and also, they (the cable TV) are able to pull down the selling price (due to better mass selling), which in turns create a better value for cable user’s services. We just want something more. With YouTube, Netflix and all the other services in the market right now delivering content we’ve come to respect and want more from this model. Don’t bundle us with packages and channels that we have no desire to watch or pay for. We’ll pay for what we want – is that so much to ask from our providers?